About Sas

Everything is possible, as long as you dare

Hello. My name is Sas.

“Who is that woman who asks all those questions?” Asks the presenter. Her colleague laughs: “That’s the woman who is going to make our product better!”

I want to know everything about your organization to set up and implement an effective strategy. I put myself in the shoes of the company by having conversations on the workplace, getting to know processes and learning about data. I ask the questions that need to be asked and hardly anyone dares to ask. They are crucial in getting to the essence of your goal(s). Only then will I discover how we create value for your organization together, practically and feasibly.

I focus on the development of your organization.

Creating value together through a sustainable focus on individuals, on teams and thus on your organization. That’s what I stand for. . Imagine: you run a growing company and employ a number of employees. You value their development because you think it is important that they are satisfied and involved and because it benefits the organization. You do not have your own Learning & Development department. I would be happy to help you on that point. I am the involved colleague expert who listens, thinks along and comes up with solutions in co-creation with sustainable results.

Small changes with a big impact.

You also make a difference by improving your skills by learning simple tips and tricks. Depending on the goal, we take a concept from the shelf that you can use immediately. Depending on the goal, we take a concept fromthe shelfthat you can use immediately. Whether it concerns contact skills, leadership, agility or making your company a learning experience. A few examples:

  • By applying a clear conversation structure, a telephone conversation with your customer creates value. Your (call centre) employee keeps control and has more fun at work. Additional benefits: greater customer satisfaction, efficiency gains and thus also in profit.
  • As a manager, you have the responsibility to be there for your employees in terms of vision, craftsmanship development and commitment. With my material off the shelf, you invest in appropriate leadership and returns for your entire organization.

How transforming hurts less.

We are working for a reorganization: the time of 40 years with the same employer has passed. Sustainable employability and lifelong learning have become a trademark for organizations. This is partly prompted by the digital acceleration. And that requires change if you also want to lead the way with your organization. The customer has also changed: he is self-reliant, critical and is increasingly an equal discussion partner and in any case, wants to be treated that way. This requires a different approach and a continuously learning organization. How do you involve your employees in this? Change often provokes resistance, employees become insecure, do not know what their job will look like in 5 years’ time. And learning scrubs. My passion is to make the process of transformation, change and being able to respond well to what the customer demands now and in the future, be part of the learning process. Together we stimulate involvement and ownership among your employees so that they not only go along with the change, but above all also contribute ideas to be future-proof.

Sas stands for connection, passion and strengthening

I like to explore organizations, where I mainly look at how you can achieve results in a feasible way. With a professional team of self-employed people, I help employees and organizations to get the most out of their talent. I do this by connecting people, holding them up a mirror and confronting them with the effect of behaviour, sometimes by provoking to make behaviour open to discussion. Learning and developing is a journey that you experience together. It requires vulnerability and a critical look at yourself and your organization. Learning is not always fun, it sometimes itches and almost always chafes. Only by overcoming the bumps and sailing the same course together will you arrive at the destination.

Call me if you need help in …

Guiding a reorganization:

  • Make transformations as smooth as possible
  • Guiding teams in change
  • Training and coaching in leadership

Using learning and development effectively for your organization:

  • Implementing an appropriate training vision
  • Design and implement training courses
  • Develop skills training
  • Training on data-driven work

Organisation advice:

  • Connecting business results to your operation
  • Customer focus of your organization

No matter how big or small your question is. I am happy to assist.

Will you back to me?


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